Working at Connect44 has a real family feel.

The colleagues that I work with are what makes the job special. It gives me great pride to see our respective teams working closely together to bring success to Connect44 as well as to ourselves as individuals.

It's a real pleasure to work in such a close-knit environment. It provides me with excellent job satisfaction and has offered fantastic progression opportunities throughout my career. 13 years in, I remain very excited about what the future has in store.

Michael Dakin

UK Managing Director

Connect44 Testimonials

I appreciate the trust that Connect44 has placed in me.

Connect44 has multiple offices throughout Europe and having the pleasure of visiting them has meant I have been able to witness first-hand the incredible passion and energy that is not only in our UK office but across the group.

Working for Connect44 like any organisations has everyday challenges as we work toward providing the best service possible for our clients but knowing that everyone in your team is striving towards greatness together means that if you have to work long hours; if your swamped or have a particularly challenging couple of weeks there are always colleagues to offer a hand or offering to buy you a pint once you’ve finished a long day. I truly believe the key ingredient of Connect44 success is made up of a truly unique feeling of being a part of ‘One Team’ or the Connect44 family.

James Searle

UK Services Director

Connect44 Testimonials

Working at Connect44 for the last 13 years has been an incredible journey filled with growth and opportunities.

The supportive and inclusive work environment has made each day enjoyable, fostering a strong sense of camaraderie among colleagues. I am proud to be associated with a company that values employee development and encourages professional growth. During my work I have been continuously challenged, allowing me to expand my skills and contribute significantly to the company's achievements. Starting as Recruitment Specialist in 2013 and working for UK market, thanks to company growth I’m honoured to work for international markets now and to be part of Talent Acquisition team, which makes daily work interesting and exciting.

The work-life balance provided by the C44 has allowed me to thrive both professionally and personally. I can confidently say that this company has not only been a workplace but also a second home, where I've made lifelong mentors.

Ksenia Scherbakha

Group Talent Acquisition Manager

Connect44 Testimonials

It’s been nearly 5 years working at Connect44 and I continue to enjoy every moment.

What I love most about my job is the people I work with, it is like having an extended family, we all work hard and help each other whenever we can, we definitely have a “one team approach”.

The organisation is multicultural, with offices across Europe and Malaysia and we get to interact with colleagues from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds, which is another positive for working at Connect44. And it’s not work all the time, Connect44 also has a very proactive approach to employees and frequently organises events from socialising to wellbeing. Overall Connect44 is one of the best companies I have worked for.

Liz Thorn

People Operations Manager UK

Connect44 Testimonials

We truly are One Team.

Connect44 has allowed me to develop my skills in finance whilst providing me excellent opportunities to climb the ladder within my department as well (not to mention great support when it comes to studying).

I feel lucky to work in a flexible environment that encourages optimisation and a work-smart mentality, all the while ensuring the people themselves are happy and fulfilled. The friendly, tight-knit and hard-working culture is one I believe all organisations should strive for. We truly are One Team.

Zachary John

Management Accountant

Connect44 Testimonials

I started at Connect44 as an intern and have continuously progressed so today, as a People Operations Specialist, I am responsible for a varied and exciting range of tasks. During my 9 years at Connect44, I can say that I have always been part of a well-functioning, harmonious team where fun is never neglected.
Jovana Malinic
People Operations Specialist
I'm very grateful to have joined Connect44 more than 5 years ago, at the time a new company on the Romanian market, to follow the Maya Project, that I helped start when working at the previous company. Maya Project has since stuck with my heart because of the people working on it and the great team spirit that it has. I feel it was a challenge that payed off as I could see the project grow and have the opportunity to help it evolve and the international Maya team become more united and develop into a true One Team over time.
Monica Miclea
Service Delivery Manager
Having worked for several corporates, I wanted to experience the buzz of a collaborative, work hard, fun environment for my future career. The culture at Connect 44 is a real breath of fresh air in this regard with great people all focussed together for success!
Paul Richmond
Key Account Manager – UK
As Service Delivery Manager and Project Management Office, I progress every day on my respective subjects. I have a great freedom of action and the subjects are more interesting than the others. What I appreciate most is the international strength of the Group and the availability of my colleagues all around Europe. I've already been on two trips since I joined the group and realized remarkable encounters.
Service Delivery Manager – France
Working at Connect44 is like working within a family, with amazing people who are not only colleagues but friends, going beyond strict work relationships. There is no daunting task when your back is covered by such a great human team. Connect44 is a company that does not limit your career, pushing yourself as an engineer and allowing you to get skills in different fields in a framework of important international collaboration.
Cristina Rojas
Radio Optimisation Engineer – Spain
When I joined Connect44, I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but I can confidently say that it has been one of the best decisions I've made. The team of professionals here is truly remarkable, bringing their expertise and passion to every project. The working environment is filled with good vibes, fostering collaboration and growth. We take immense pride in serving our customers, going above and beyond to meet their needs and exceed their expectations. It's a privilege to be part of a company that not only delivers exceptional results but also cultivates a culture of excellence and teamwork.
Mircea Raceanu
Group Solutions Lead - Romania
Working at Connect44 is an experience that goes beyond just a job. It's about being part of a close-knit family, where the company's philosophy is based on mutual support and collective growth. Here, you'll not only find highly skilled professionals, but also friendly and approachable individuals who will make you feel welcome from day one. The combination of fun and enriching work environment, along with a shared passion for what we do, creates an exceptionally rewarding atmosphere.
Juan Cobo
Radio Optimization Technician - Spain
Working for Connect44 is having the chance to be in a multicultural, dynamic, relaxed, and young-spirited work environment every day. It's never a dull day at work - there is a great sense of community and friendship among colleagues, which makes us feel free to create and share our ideas. The company provides opportunities for everyone to grow both professionally and personally, and it has been an enriching experience for me since my very first day.
Lorrayne Johanson
Service Desk Specialist (Portugese)– Spain
Working for Connect44 is having the chance to be in a multicultural, dynamic, relaxed, and young-spirited work environment every day. It's never a dull day at work - there is a great sense of community and friendship among colleagues, which makes us feel free to create and share our ideas. The company provides opportunities for everyone to grow both professionally and personally, and it has been an enriching experience for me since my very first day.
Merveille ELANGA
Talent Acquisition Manager – France
I have been working at Connect44 for more than 3 years now as a Human Resources Manager for France. Connect44, which is present in several European countries, has enabled me to discover what group cohesion really is by having very frequent contacts and mutual support with my counterparts in other countries. It is very reassuring to know that we are a real Culture and People Team. Well-being in a company is essential and at Connect44 it is a state of mind !
Anne-Charlotte Caseta
People Operations Manager – France
I joined the company without any recruiter expertise and appreciate the faith Connect44 has shown in me. Right from the beginning, I received the support I needed to progress further and build on my personal strengths. Nowadays I support diverse projects within whole Europe, which makes my work varied and interesting. But the best is working with the team, which is unique, helpful, warm and feels familiar. I look forward to more years of challenges, experiences on which I can grow and progress.
Ivan Ruggiero
Talent Acquisition Specialist - Switzerland
s a drone pilot, I have the pleasure to go visit my colleagues all over the world which I love to do. I think it is a great job, where I am challenged every day. I feel very good here, which among other things comes from our great and well-working team. I always feel ready and excited to go to work and I always feel like doing my very best. I would definitely recommend this job to others. I think we are such a great team. We are not a big number of people, we always have fun and are good at doing things and activities outside of work as well.
Peter Ballegaard
Drone Pilot - Denmark
I started at Connect44 Netherlands when we opened our new Den Haag office in July 2022. Working for Connect44 means submerging yourself in a multicultural, dynamic, young, and flat organization. Connect44 provides many opportunities for growth, both professionally and personally. As a team, we are working hard to create and build the networks of the future. Working hard, means offloading hard. Every month we get together as a team, to discuss the month and offload together.
Sedat Gultekin
Head of Operations - Netherlands
Working for Connect44 has been fantastic experience as I’ve worked here for more than a year now and every day is a new experience. The organization is very multicultural and with offices across Europe and Asia we get to interact with colleagues from various nationalises and cultural background, which is also another facet of working for Connect44. I have the full support of my direct managers and leadership teams for professional and personal growth. To top it off, Connect44 culture is unmatched and looking forward to continuing the journey for many years to come.
Sakthivell Nakulan
Delivery Manager – Malaysia