Connect44 Group, the right partner for your Digital Twin Journey
Connect44 Group, the right partner for your Digital Twin Journey

Connect44 Group, the right partner for your Digital Twin Journey

Connect44 group have a mission to deliver to our customers and partners innovative solutions that will revolutionise the Telecommunications industry in every aspect of the business. We aim to offer solutions that bring important savings in time and budgets, but also improve work and bring effectiveness in various processes. Since 2022 we go “all-in on green, developing green services that will drive to a sustainable and carbon neutral business.

Digital Twin – the innovative technology for Telco industry

The Digital Twin solution can bring multiple benefits to various businesses and industries, but amongst the early adopters of this technology is the Telecom industry. One of the biggest advantages of this revolutionising technology is that it enables a company to see what is happening at every stage of every process, thereby reducing the time and cost spent on a project as well as minimizing human error. Furthermore, this technology can support organisations in their climate change fight. Such an example is the 10-year 'Destination Earth' initiative developed by the European Union that involves creating a digital twin of the Earth to map climate development.

Countless benefits of the Digital Twin technology for Telecommunications companies

With the support of Digital Twin, Telco companies can save time and resources in every phase of their operations, allowing to reduce several months between real changes in the field and the digital representation of that new reality. From operational efficiencies in planning, design, deployment, to network optimisation and the entire operational life cycle.

About the Connect44 Digital Twin solution

Our Digital Twin solution can provide fully digitised and automated management of your physical assets, utilizing cutting edge software innovation around Aerial Imaging, 3D Modelling, Big Data and AI. We can combine our knowledge of RAN, Vendor Relations and Service Operations to help your company manage a multivendor estate, while having the capability to utilize tools, drones and Digital Twin software to simplify and cost reduce the complexity of managing multiple vendors utilisation of your assets. In the same time, this solution is a climate friendly because it reduces by over 90% the site visits.

Your benefits in using the Connect44 Digital Twin solutions

With this powerful solution we can provide the necessary tools, allowing you to enjoy the perks of utilizing cutting-edge software in your business, bringing significant savings and improvements:

  • Measurement Accuracy certified less than 0.5 degrees
  • Up to 90% saving on time against traditional surveying methods
  • Up to 80% more cost-effective than traditional methods
  • A solution that ensures both your team and your data are safe
  • End-to-end solution, from Drone Pilots, Licenses, through to data acquisition, analysis and reports via a cloud based and inventory data base


How does it work?

The Connect44 Digital Twin solution is based on highly automated processes that work seamlessly in putting all the data together for you to assess.

Expanding Digital twin business unit results in our growth

The increasing need of digitalisation in telecoms industry, it places our Connect44 Digital Twin business unit on a rapid growth path which also creates new job opportunities. Find out more here about the Drone pilots openings or check out all the open positions in different European markets.

One more thing good to know

The Connect44 Digital Twin uses a cloud-based platform that allows you to access your data anytime, anywhere. This way, your data is always accessible, secure and safe, one click away in your internet browser, on every device!

Curious for more?

We can provide much more valuable information about the Connect44 Digital Twin solution and use cases.

Also, take a look at the Connect44 Digital Twin platform here:

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